Are you ready to level up to warrior?

Why SMW Fitness?

You’ve got a goal and I will help you get there. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, we will work together! When you join SMW it is guranteed that you will reach your goal. The only thing you gotta do is the WORK. If you are ready to do that then you are already a step ahead.

Warrior Training

Doesn’t matter what your fitness level is you will get the best training and coaching possible when you come in. You will leave feeling empowered and happy you came.

Fitness anyone can do

Warrior Training is for anyone, including you. I will coach you at your own level but I will also make sure you don’t feel left out or alone. We are in this together.

Safe Training

At SMW Fitness I take your safety seriously. I offer modifications based on your fitness level and recovery classes to prevent injuries. 

No ego zone

When you come in, leave your ego out the door. My classes are down to earth, positive and friendly. No clicks here! Just real people, working hard to get where they want to be.

Tons of High Fives

No one leaves without a high five in my classes. If I could use confetti I would use it – all little steps are celebrated. We don’t get to places in a day, it happens over several months. Anyone offering you a quick fix is not there for the long run.

Friendly Coaching

I take your training very seriously but I am not the type of coach who yells or wants to push you to the point where you get hurt. I don’t believe that I have to do that to get you where you want to be. You just gotta put in the effort and work.

What I Offer

Semi-Private Group Classes

SMW Fitness has a variety of unconventional and recovery group classes to help you get back in shape, gain strength and live a healthier pain-free life. . Openings are limited – contact me today!

Steel Mace Training

If you are ready to feel empowered and be a warrior – come try Steel Mace Training. This is an ancient weapon that is stealing hearts everywhere for it’s many fitness benefits. This class is included with Semi-Private Group Classes and available for Personal Training.

Personal Training

Personal Training is great for those looking for a personalized fitness plan and 1-on-1 setting. Get better results!

Online Training

Not in my area but would still like Steel Mace Training or Personal Training? No problem! I am offering my services online (remotely). 

Nutrition Coaching

Did you know that what you eat is the biggest factor on reaching your health goals? If you’ve been struggling with your Nutrition and are looking for a Nutrition Coach, now is the time! Nutrition coaching starts at $85 per month.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is for those that are looking to improve performance, correct postural dysfunctions and reduce pain + injuries. These are personalized sessions based on assessments and invidual needs. 

Get a free assesment and 1 Day Pass. It’s on me!

I like weird people. The black sheep. The eight balls. The left of centers. The wallflowers. The underdog. The loners. The rejects. The outcasts. The outsiders. The odd ducks. The eccentric. The broken. The lonely. The lost and the forgotten. -Unknown

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