Semi-Private Group Classes


SMW Fitness/ Coach Victoria has a variety of unconventional and recovery group classes to help you get back in shape, gain strength and live a healthier pain-free life. The group classes have 4-6 max attendees (semi-private) , this allows the coach more freedom to work with you closely compared to larger group classes where that is not always possible. All classes are held at a private gym facility.



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Semi-Private Classes


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Steel Mace & Body Weight

These 45-60 Minute Steel Mace & Body Weight Classes are an unconvetional approach to full-body conditioning. We will utilize our own body weight and take advantage of using the Steel Mace. This class focuses on conditioning, fat loss and skill development.


The Express 30 (PM) Class was built for those who work all day, are short on time and need a quick 30-minute evening class to stay on track with their fitness goals. You will get a full-body conditioning workout that is guranteed to make you sweat and burn fat.

Mobility / Recovery

The Mobility / Recovery Class is a great and crucially important add-on to include into your fitness routine to reduce soreness, improve performance, decrease every day injuries and overall body recovery. As your coach I want to teach you the skills to live a long, healthy and pain-free life. This class is 30-45 minutes long.